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  • ConversionPower


    You’ve got the traffic. You’ve got the prospects. Now they need to pay off.

    Often you’ll hear about how analytics will increase your conversion rates—and add to your bottom line. Too often, it doesn’t do that—but you do get some nice-looking reports. Reports are a sideshow. How about making money?

    • Some questions you may be asking yourself:
      How do I operationalize all my data so that it drives to conversion?
      How can I monetize my active and passive customer bases?
      How can I integrate and trust all the data I’m collecting?
      How can I consistently drive value from the data I am collecting?
    • SmartCurrent’s ConversionPower™ Service includes:
      Customer Journey Analysis and Activation
      Technology Alignment and Vendor Management
      Conversion Technology Roadmap
      Data Science Connectivity
      Monthly Retainer

    Features: Our ConversionPower service includes a thorough assessment of your data and technology landscape, a detailed specification of strengths and weaknesses, and a structured plan (including enabling technologies) that delivers all the data science required to turn your data, your marketing and your customer base into an optimized monetization system.

    Benefits: You’ll quickly reduce data redundancy, inaccuracy, incompatibility and incomprehension to near-zero. You’ll have connected, smart data that lives in an advanced technical landscape where customers are recognized, incentivized, satisfied and monetized on a continuing basis. Your vendors and partners will be brought into a common understanding of your needs and their collective need to work with you together. Your data value chain will be activated for the benefit of your entire organization.


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  • AudiencePower


    Who are your best prospects and customers? How do you reach them when they’re ready to buy?

    Getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time: that’s your remarketing goal. It depends on personalization—delivering content based on algorithms that analyze historical behavioral data in real time; and a remarketing and campaign methodology that leverages those algorithms.

    Some questions you may be asking yourself:

    • How do I know who my most likely customers are?
    • How can I make sure I convert prospects into customers at the highest rate possible?
    • How can I optimize lifetime value for my existing customers?
    • What technologies and processes must I have to power the process to completion?

    SmartCurrent’s AudiencePower™ service includes:

    • KPI Definitions, Goals and Conversion Points
    • Campaign Optimization Measurement Techniques
    • Personalization Technology Architecture
    • Campaign Connectivity Activation
    • Monthly Retainer

    Features: SmartCurrent’s AudiencePower™ Service makes it easier to get your most likely customers to notice you, interact with you and buy from you when they are ready to buy. By integrating behavioral data from authenticated devices with off-line data, you are able to build dynamic profiles of your customers. Using automated retargeting ads and remarketing techniques both on and off site, you can claim a higher percentage of conversions from this desirable group.

    Benefits: You will immediately see an increase in the percentage of high-value prospects convert via targeted remarketing campaigns. Technologies and vendors will be sourced and managed such that messages and reporting are accurate and meaningful. Waves of content created by your teams will be marshalled and deployed across channels, across devices and directly to your most valuable customers, resulting in more and higher-value conversions.


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  • CampaignPower


    You’ve defined audiences. Your campaigns are deployed. Now, go beyond the landing page.

    You’ve determined your audience, and you’ve engaged a media company to get the word out. But what about the data that powers your audience definitions? And what happens after those visitors get to your landing pages? Too often, your media and creative teams leave off just when you need to find conversions. That’s where SmartCurrent’s CampaignPower™ services can increase ROI on ad spend.

    Some questions you may be asking yourself:

    • How do I deploy robust campaign attribution across channels?
    • How can I justify ad spend based on conversion/performance?
    • How can I deploy data to further drive successful campaigns?
    • How do I veryify campaign value from the data I am collecting?
    • SmartCurrent’s CampaignPower™ Service includes:

    Campaign Success Benchmarking

    • Attribution Modeling and Data Architecture
    • Campaign Connectivity and Activation Techniques
    • Audit and Qualification of Campaign Traffic
    • Monthly Retainer

    Features: SmartCurrent’s CampaignPower™ Services begin where media buying leaves off. Your media teams will identify audiences, but campaign attribution is up to you—and CampaignPower. We will identify campaign effectiveness through sophisticated, multi-touch campaign attribution; focus on cost per acquisition; and connect your analytics and your ad service technologies so they work seamlessly together in a way that gives your teams clear insight into campaign effectiveness.

    Benefits: Your visibility into campaign effectiveness will rapidly increase. You’ll have total visibility into the traffic patterns generated from search, display, email and social campaigns. You will have integrated insight dashboards that quickly point up the successes and failures in your campaign infrastructure. You will see lower cost per acquisition and higher ROI on ad spend.


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  • CommandPower


    Define Your Core Principles

    How do you define data-driven success across the organization? How do you ensure compliance?

    You’ve got systems and projects and plans and groups and teams and agreements and technology banging around and it makes a lot of noise and sometimes even makes sense. But it’s leaky, vulnerable and several degrees off-course. Data and its related services and technologies are like a ship. Governance is the navigation system and the Commander that makes sure you get to port with all your data cargo and that the cargo delivers on the promise of its value.
    Some questions you might be asking yourself:

    • Am I confident in my data sources, and are they usefully documented?
    • Do the right people have access? Do the wrong people have access?
    • Are my systems working with similar definitions and goals?
    • Am I protected from privacy leaks and data loss?
    • Are my data-driven stories being presented in the right narrative structure?

    SmartCurrent’s CommandPower™ Service includes:

    • Governance Benchmarking and Maturity Modeling
    • Organization-wide Data Definitions and Practices advisory
    • PII/ Compliance Review and Advisory (non-legal)
    • Team Coordination Structure and Communications Training
    • Monthly Retainer

    Features: CommandPower™ drives the data enterprise. The focus is on oversight for data collection, quality, access, security, privacy, narrative, visualization and ultimately contribution to profit. Vendors and teams are brought together and common SLAs are developed; incoherent and unhelpful processes are discovered and recommended for deprecation. Everything becomes focused on standards and ROI.

    Benefits: You will no longer have competing data definitions. Vendors will accept your terms. All data will be collected, qualified, assured, protected and distributed in such a way that you will have total visibility into it operation at any time during its throughput. Presentations will deploy uniform standards and terminology. Teams will cooperate and focus on ROI—which will increase.


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  • DecisionPower


    Drive Value from Your Data

    How do you make decisions in a data-driven organization? How do you focus all your data on your decision-point?

    With artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, controlled experimentation and robust testing and optimization in play, the field can look confusing– almost as if it runs all by itself. It does not. Machine learning is human-induced. Decision modeling is based on human input. Segmentation targets people based on observed human behaviors. And your senior decisionmaking about conversion optimization, people, practices, purposes and platforms depends on your seeing the right data at the right time in the right place.

    Some questions you might be asking yourself:

    • Am I confident in my data sources, and are they usefully documented?
    • Do I have the right mix of technologies to deliver insights without needless overlap?
    • What assumptions are made as algorithms are developed and how does that affect outcome?
    • Is the machine-learning in my organization showing the desired result?
    • Are my data sources collected, staged, stored, deployed, searchable and available for business users?

    SmartCurrent’s DecisionPower™ Service includes:

    • Executive Dashboard Benchmarking and Maturity Modeling
    • Data and Analytics Reference Architecture
    • Data-driven Decisioining Communications Strategy
    • Team Coordination Structure and Training
    • Monthly Retainer

    Features: DecisionPower™ puts your data into action. With executive dashboarding strategy, vendor selection, planning and team guidance at its core, DecisionPower takes you from data blindness to data decisions via rapid, accurate and meaningful data availability to your key decisionmakers–from the C-level through stakeholders in every department.

    Benefits: You will become the data-driven organization you had always wanted to be. With data rich, accurate data focused on query and visualization, you and your analysts can uncover insights hidden inside the data with unprecedented ease and accuracy. With your data finally “weaponized”, you will beat your competitors who lack your data decisioning powers.


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